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As an in-between solution for the folks who cannot access the MPE3D Freestuff since the site is currently offline, I have created a special download space for all the various freebies we offered on the MalePoserotica site.

As the files become available to download we will add their links here for you below:
Adzan?s HiroGens

Adzan?s HiroGens v1.5
Adzan HiroGens M4 Fit Pose
Adzan HiroGens ? No Scrotum Morphs

Adzan? HiroGens Accessories

Adzan?s Hiro Despotism Trammel
Adzan?s HiroGens Varsity Straps and Rings
Adzan?s HiroGens Merkin (Pubic Bush)
Adzan?s HiroGens Incarceration
Adzan?s HiroGens Hustler Strap
Adzan?s HiroGens Genital Rings

Adzan?s HiroGens Textures

Adzan?s HiroGens Flyn Textures
Adzan?s HiroGens Quinn Texture
Adzan?s HiroGens MOTY Textures


ULFGens 2.0 Figure
UlfGens remapped to take M4 textures (Slochez)
ULFGens 2.0 Templates
ULFGens 2.0 ? M4 Fit Pose
Five ULFGens 2.0 Textures (No MATs)
Gen 4 Freebie ?fit? poses for Satanica?s Real M3 Gen Prop

Popular Morphs

digi-boy?s Daniel Morph
ProFotograf?s D3 Foot Morphs
Alejandro M4H4
Adult for Jarryd M4H4

M4 Fetish Clothing & Addons

M4 Tank Top (PaulJack)
M4 Fetish Shorts (PaulJack)
M4 Fetish Boots (PaulJack)
M4 Fetish Jewelry (PaulJack)
Legpiece for D3 OutRider Outfit (Kattey)

Satanica_Inc Real M3 Gens

Fit Poses for M4H4V4A4 for the Satanica RealM3Gens
Fit Poses for V4A4 for the Satanica RealM3Gens
Real M3 Gens ? Update 3 ? PC Version
Real M3 Gens ? Update 3 ? MAC Version (.SIT Format)

Channing?s Freebies

Channing?s Exercise Part 1
Channing?s Exercise Part 2
Channing?s Universal Beard M4 Additional Colors
Channing?s Soul Patch
Channing?s Retro Textures for Channing?s Briefs
Channing?s Barker Crypt
Channing?s Scaramouche Pene Mask
V4 Male Poses Expansion
ULFGens 2.0 M4 Fit Poses
ULFGens 2.0 Expansion Enhanced PNGs
Sex Game Medals
M4 Ranks & Ribbons for Marine One
EP Necktie
Loose Bow-Tie
Leather Bands for D3
Piercing Head Spikes for David
Channing?s Snorkel
Channing?s Pickle Prop
Channing?s Piercing
Channing?s EP Duct Tape
Channing?s Digital Camera Prop
Channing?s Cigar Prop
Channing?s 1970?s Tube Socks
Bishonen for David Expansion
Arabian Bands for David

Soto?s Freebies (Posted with Permission)

Vincent for Freak4
Expressive Skull
Shaved Hair for M4
Tribal Patterns for Shaved Hair for M4
Bandanna for Freak4
Unopened HB Condoms
Posing Background
Four Leaf Clover

Karth?s Freebies (Posted with Permission)

M4 Free CockZ (Cockring)
M4H4 Harness
M4 Helmet 2
M4 Asia Shirt
M4 Santa Fun
M4 Flame Boots
M4 Blindfoldzz
M4 Boxer Shorts
M4 Bear Costume
M4 Black Ride
M4 Gothic Cape
M4 Mountie Boots
M4 Mountie Pants
M4 Mountie Hat
M4 Mountie Complete

Male-M3Dia Mats

Free Daz Mats for Terry-B by Mec4D
Free Daz Mats for Moby by Mec4D
Free Daz Mats Levi for Eli by Mec4D
Alejandro M4H4
Adult for Jarryd M4H4

ARCHIVED FREEBIES (for D3, H3, M3 and Earlier)
Room of Secrets Freebies

Room of Secrets (ROS-Base)
Room of Secrets ? Moody Blue
Room of Secrets ? Workbench
Room of Secrets ? Cabinet
Room of Secrets SewerKit n LightPak(ROS)

Bernie?s Freebies

Five Friends for David

Spubba?s Freebies

Hiney Magic for David
Catsuit for David 1.1
David Open Shirt
David Army Boots
Joint Parameters for David
Pubic Hair for David
Spubba?s Hair Painting
Spubba?s Celestial Visions


Victoria 5 Elite Texture Nichole
Al3d's ForeverFashionate2


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