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ilona’s description

A wonderful collection of 16 poses for V4!

This pack was made having in mind a special attention to hand posing,

eyes positioning and all details that make poses natural and

realistic so you can enjoy many hours of great renderings.

16 anywhere poses

16 anywhere mirrored poses

16 Go To poses specially crafted to the Country Home


Anywhere poses were made on ground level, so some adjustment will be necessary on the carpet level.


Dreamlands Description

Introducing the Largest Full Interior and Exterior Home in the Poser World. The home is 4,224 Square Feet not including the Two Car Garage

with a 2,000 foot across, Round Property and Sky Dome to give you a complete scene. The trees around the outside

really add to the realism by giving an end to the view in any direction you aim the camera.

All the Plant Props are in groups, with a Master Dial to aim each group of plants toward the camera, all in one control.

No more one at a time.

For a full description of what comes with this huge set please read below in the the list of objects included section.

The Sky Dome is similar to bagginsbill’s sky dome but this one is 2,000 feet across

that is .378 miles in diameter.

So, no matter what direction you turn your camera there is scenery!

Includes bagginsbill’s wonderful Puddles materials on the Driveway and Brick surfaces as a material option.

VIDEO TUTORIALS included to explain all the goodies and general render settings.

~~~~~ Here is the list of objects included. ~~~~~

1 Country Home Figure

1 Swimming Pool that is 40 Foot by 80 Foot with a diving Board and Slide.

Pool Water includes a morph to settle the water down to a mirror flat finish as if there is no wind.

Also has several materials for different looks of waves.

Has a dial to control the water level all the way down to being drained completely.

All Doors and window sashes work as in the real world.

Ceiling in the Living room can be hidden for a Vaulted ceiling.

The TV Antenna Tower can be hidden for a more modern look.

Many Hide Show Poses including every wall in the house. 20 Walls total.

1 Garage Overhead Door that is rigged to follow the tracks just like a real world Garages Door. Very cool!

104 Cameras to get you around the scene.

104 Lights that match those Cameras for posing purposes

16 More Light Sets that put bulbs in the light fixtures for each room as well as outside light fixtures

~~~~~Lots of Material Presets~~~~~

1 Default Country Home to set back to factory settings

8 Driveway and Brick Walkway .mc6

48 Floor Singles .mc5

20 Flower Beds .mc5

20 Grass Singles .mc5

7 Hardware Singles .mc5

24 Kitchen Cabinets .mc6

18 Kitchen Counters .mc6

32 Paint Singles .mc5

10 Swimming Pool Walls .mc6

10 Swimming Pool Water .mc6 Created by bagginsbill the man of textures!

Thanks a lot for this Real World Water Texture, so real it makes you want to go for a dip!

It even has a caustic effect that works in conjunction with the Pool Walls!

Ted you remain the man!!!

20 Roofing .mc6

51 Siding Wood, Brick and, Stone .mc6

3 Sky Dome .mc6

17 Vegetation .mc5

64 Interior wall singles for all the wall surfaces .mc5

50 Woodwork with Singles .mc5 as well as .mc6 to apply to all 8 zones of interior woodwork.

~~~~~Dreamland Poses~~~~~

52 Miscellaneous Hide Show Poses such as hide show the TV Antenna Tower, Flag Etc..

46 Hide Show Poses for the walls and everything associated with that wall, pictures doors etc..


All 87 Plants can be loaded in one double click in a container called All Plants

There are 8 Sub Containers Each with Plants inside them.

All of the containers each have a Master Dial that allows the turning of all the plants

in that container all at the same time. Quite a time saver.

1 Trees Prop that loads all the outer trees with Shadow Casting turned Off

1 Trees Prop that loads all the outer trees with Shadow Casting turned On

Also including a floor Plan that you can print out if you like for a referance.

A few Tutorials to help you get up and running.

The Product Total Polygon count is 78,738 for every thing. Less than most Poser Characters.

All promotional images, completed in Poser 2014 Pro

Objects not included in this description are not included.

Not tested in Daz Studio

All content by Dreamland Models.

Poser 8+


Cheeky Wedges G2F
Olympia 6 Fantasy Classic Poses


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