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This set has a new feature. The 8 Outer Blocks ( a figure) now have two sizes of grass to cover?the block that is now all concrete sections. Hide or show two sizes of grass to show 1 row of sidewalks?or 2 rows of side walk. You may also hide all of the grass to allow for other buildings?to be set on a concrete ground. See the site images. Hide show poses included.
As always this set comes with the surrounding streets and empty lots to give you a base for a city scene.

When you get a new set, simply load the block and move it to the hidden empty lots coordinates.
I have the City Blocks set up so you can move them easily to any one of the 9 locations.
That is not all! Once you move a block to a location, you can easily rotate the block and all the goodies go?along for the ride! So you can buy one set and have four different corners meeting at one intersection by simply loading 1 block 4 times and moving and rotating to do so. All appropriate limits are set for ease of movement.
Each City Block is perfectly square, so they can be rotated in place and have them line up just great!

For more details, read the what is included in the set list.
There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless variety of scenes.
Many of the objects are free to be moved to other locations, or saved as individual objects to be used in your other scenes.

Not tested in Daz Studio


NGM for Bikini01
Serenity A4


  1. Profile photo of Joe


    July 1, 2013

    Thank you! My City Blocks collection is nearly complete, only 6, 7 and 9 to go. 😀

  2. Profile photo of Rohan22


    July 1, 2013

    I have all the Movie Sets 1-14 and the 81 City Blocks, Drop me a PM and I will work on getting them here.

  3. Profile photo of swexer


    July 1, 2013

    Thank you_Rohan_ very much, for another Block in this Serial…..

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