Movie Sets, City Block Five

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1 Park Style slatted Bench
1 Twelve story, Thirty Six Suite, Adams Hotel with an Olympic Size Swimming Pool on the Roof with the following Props:
24 Balconies with Glass Railings, 1 3D Hotel Sign that can be moved or hidden
3 Planters fixed, 5 Trees that can be grown or moved around
1 set of Flowers that can be hidden, 1 40 Foot by 80 Foot Swimming Pool
1 3D Slightly Wavy Water Surface with floating Rope and Buoys
Water Level has limits set, all move together, 1 Patio Table with Glass Top moveable, 4 Patio Chairs moveable, 1 Large Patio Umbrella moveable
1 Life Guard Stand moveable, 1 Life Guard Stand Umbrella
1 Life Guard Stand Life Preserver moveable, 4 Pool Ladders for safety
1 Diving Board, 1 Pool Slide, 2 Arced Stairways to exit shallow end of Pool
2 Handrails for Arched stairways,Girls and Boys Bathrooms fixed
1 Bar and Kitchen fixed,1 Pump Room keep fixed
1 Chemical Storage Room fixed,1 Several Funny Wall Signs fixed
1 Pool Net moveable,
1 Pool Hook moveable, 1 Lounge Chair Up Position moveable
1 lounge Chair Legs Down Position moveable, 1 lounge Chair Down Position moveable
1 Side Table for Lounge Chairs with Glass Top moveable
8 Pool Light Openings that are modeled 24″ deep for foggy Light Placement
to achieve cool nighttime lighting effects
1 Main Drain ,4 Pool Perimeter Deck Drains to catch the virtual splashes
1 Fill Spout,1 Pool Filter opening with Cover,1 Inner Tube
1 Large Patio Umbrella tilted 10 degrees moveable,4 Foot and 12 Foot Pool Markers
1 Twenty story, Eighty Suite, Stanford Hotel with a Heliport on the Roof
1 Fifteen story, 45 Condo, Stockbridge Condominium with 4 tennis Courts on the Roof


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    May 21, 2013

    Thank you Desert Rat !

    and I still use Daz 3.0….+ and all Movie Sets, City Blocks works great for Me in DAZ Studio !

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