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Comes with 81 empty lots with the road structure as you see in the promos.
Even has 8 roads that go up and over the hills all the way back to the included Sky Dome.

The Sky Dome is similar to bagginsbill’s sky dome but this one is 8,333 feet across that is 1.58 miles in diameter.
So, no matter what direction you turn your camera there is scenery!

18 Minute VIDEO TUTORIAL included to explain how to use this set and all the goodies.

This set is so big I had to make a Block mover just so you can move any one of my City Block Sets into position.
In the heirarchy editor simply drag your city block into the Block Mover to where is says drag Block here?Yes, no more limit to nine blocks!
The intention is for you to be able to have a complete world all in itself.

Nine blocks long by nine block wide. Each block may be hidden so the grass does not pop through when you have a city block located there.

Even devised a system of hide and show poses that allow hiding rows and columns and rings of blocks, all of which may be combined.
So if you want to hide all of the surrounding 33 blocks one double click and they are hidden.

Also including the first in a new series of Very Low Polygon count City Blocks. This block, (Low Poly One), is only about 950 polygons.

It is a simple object that is intended as a background city block to be used in conjunction with the Movie Sets City Blocks you already own for the close up shots. yes it has the sidewalks curbs and street signs. Even includes 5 posable trees.

Power Lines and Poles may be added from other sets if you really need them.
With 81 separate city blocks there are at least 26,244 possible combinations. So the creative possibilities are great!
I even created 8 forests that may be loaded one at a time or if you prefer I also built one that has all 12,627 trees in one shot.
These trees are 2 polygons each. Very low impact on system resources. There are 8 species of trees in the forests.
Also created a winter .mc6 that will with one double click change to leafless trees for winter scenes.
Also made 16 individual Tree .mc5 materials so you can mix and match.

Snarlygribbly was kind enough to allow me to include his Snow Machine in the Python folder so you can Snow on the City Blocks after you build you scene. Very easy to use! Man that guy is smart! Thanks a lot Royston!!!
All the blocks have gutters, drains, curbs, as well as a grass texture to fill in the empty lot.
Even developed a new grass texture to get away from the old one that tiled so regularly. May be used with the old City Block Sets grass as well.

There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless variety of scenes.

Here is the list of objects included.
1 Printable .jpg that shows the layout of the 81 blocks so you can note where each block is located
81 hide able Blank City Blocks
28 Cameras to get you around the scene.
50 Material Presets
14 Grass presets even including a few grasses with puddles, some snow
9 styles of Roads puddled, raining and snow
1 Snow machine for all your winter needs
1 Sky Dome 1.58 miles in diameter
2 Sky Dome material presets 1 Winter 1 Summer
18 Tree presets 1 Winter with eight tree types 1 Summer with Eight tree types
81 Block locations poses to get your block right where you want it
54 Hide Show Poses to hide the blank blocks where you don’t want them
1 Posing Light with no effect on the scene as you will want to light the scene with the sky Dome
81 Material Maps includes some bump maps and two sky dome images from flicker

Not tested in Daz Studio



MRL Nevara
VYK_Cosplay Girls: Q


  1. Profile photo of Joe


    June 22, 2013

    Thank you! This is not just the perfect foundation for the Movie Sets – City Blocks series, but has elements that should be very useful in setting up other outdoors scenes, urban and otherwise.

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    June 22, 2013

    Awesome, thanks for sharing 😉

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    June 22, 2013

    Thank you_bogus_ very much

    I request this one, a while ago, I know It´s finally here, Thank You !!

    and a big X Thank you! for all work you have put in this large Block !

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