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Morph Organizer may be used to organize the morph and controller dials for any DSON figure or prop. Be it to customize your favorite figures and props, or be it to prepare your own creations for release, Morph Organize will help you to quickly arrange the dials in regions and groups and to modify the dial parameters like value range or color gradient easily.

Morph Organizer presents all or selected morph and controller dials in the same hierarchical structure of nodes, regions, and groups as in DAZ Studio. For each dial, the main parameters like dial type, value, range, and flags and the presentation features like icons and color gradient are shown in a table view. Based on this, it is easy to change the parameters and presentation as well as the grouping of the dials.

Nodes, regions, and groups can be added wherever possible. To ensure using the correct nodes and regions only, these may be imported from the according DSF geometry file. Groups may be renamed directly. Any number of dials or groups (including sub-groups and dials) may be moved to a different location in the group hierarchy.

Parameters and presentation features of a dial can be changed directly inline or from the context menu. With the editor dialog, it is possible to set values of selected parameters and presentation features for several dials at once. Missing parameters will be inserted, and it’s also possible to remove parameters.

The search bar allows to find particular dials or groups by their name. In addition, you may find or select dials by the parameter values, either by match or dis-match.

Morph Organizer works directly on the DSF morph dial files, so it will not change any other files than those that were modified explicitly. It may load selected files or all files from a folder (including all sub-folders) either by file selection dialog or by drag’n’drop.
What’s Included and Features

Stand-alone application for Windows and Mac
Edit all or selected dials for any DSON figure/prop
Operates directly on DSF morph files
Load selected files or complete folders
Shows structure of nodes/regions/dials like DAZ Studio
Move selected groups/dials to different node/region/group
Insert new node/region/group
Shows parameters and presentation of all dials
Inline editing of parameters
Editor to change parameters for selected dials
Search to find or select dials by name or parameter
PDF manual included


This product includes:
1 General Installer


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