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‘More zippers’ is a brand new set of 36 zipper elements you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Actually, what you get is (see promos 02, 03 and 04): – 2 basic zipper variations. One is made of light fabric with a plastic zipper, and one is made of denim material, with a metal zipper. – each of the 2 basic variations comes in 3 various states of ‘pulling’ – closed zipper, half open, and fully open. – These 6 zippers are merged files with the fabric, zipper, and zipper puller. – Furthermore, each of 6 variations (closed, half open and open – 2 fabrics and zipper material) comes with a zipper but no puller, with fabric only and with the zipper patent only, no fabric, no puller. This gives you enough possibility to mix and match – you can put a plastic zipper onto a denim fabric and vice versa. – you also get 12 different metal pullers, large sizes, so you can make even more combinations. – this package also contains 6 additional colour zippers, and you can see in the promo 04 how the two of them are made (the tutorial is made for Photoshop users, but I am sure the users of other software will easily adapt it to their favourite editing program), so this will give you enough idea to make your own colour combinations. And if this product description is not clear enough (please, have look at all the promos, they contain all relevant information about the product), contact me and I will be glad to enlarge on it.

Have Fun!

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