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More Is More For Elven Fantasykini means more versatility: more textures, more metals, hiding zones, to make infinite combinations and even mix it with other clothes!

Customize as you wish: you get 8 materials for the fabrics of the cloth parts, plus 6 materials for the metallic swirls, and 6 mats to hide parts of the cloth and metal parts. Use them combined as you like, and get many possible variations.

The hide mat poses give versatility and a new appearance to textures. You can use them with the original textures that came with our clothing or with this or other addons for Elven Fantasykini!
Even more, use them to mix the elven fantasykini with other clothing, hiding the top or the bottom!

With the hide mat poses you can get Elven Fantasykini to be a top, a pantie, or leave the metal without cloth on the top, or without the metals, same for bottom, have metal only in one breast, and more! Combine all the possibilities!

This Pack includes:

– 8 materials for the fabrics of the cloth parts: flaming fantasy, red passion, blue flowers, black checkered patches, white checkered patches, purple
organic, pink cotton

– 6 materials for the metallic swirls: blue, gold, silver, black, copper, and green

– 6 materials for hiding parts: hide bottom cloth, hide bottom metals, hide top cloth, hide top metals, hide left metal breast, hide right metal breast

– Use the Elven Fantasykini as a top or pantie with other clothing!

– All materials are both in Poser mat poses and DAZ Studio material presets formats

PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.
Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
You need our Elven Fantasykini:

Required: Link to post:
Elven Fantasykini For V4 A4 G4


Elven Dream


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