What to do with a Moon ?

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You have your lovely fairy, maybe you have also a moon (if not, here’s one for you) but what’s next ? How do you combine them to get that perfect image ?
Well, now you can !
What to do with a moon (WTDW_A_MOON) is a complete set to help you to unleash your creativity and to enhance your fairy scenes.

Inspired by the best 2d artworks or photographic models, it consists of :
1 Moon model (2 props : 1 Moon unparented and the other parented to V4)
6 mats for the Moon (Poser and Daz mats, note you should have a figure loaded in the scene for the Poser mats to work)
15 V4 poses + 15 mirrored ones (the moon follows automatically each pose)
5 Moon Backgrounds + 5 bonus without the moon.

What you see is what you get ! The promo images are made with just the products in the set, no post work, no body fixes for V4.

WTDW_A_MOON was tested with Poser 8, 9 and Poser Pro 2012, DS3.1 and DS4.6.
DS users will have to apply the Ds mat even for the moon default.
You will have to apply the pose to V4 first then to select the moon and to apply the same pose to it.



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