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Big, brutal weapons for giant, brutal monsters! These weapons, crafted specifically for the DAZ Ogre, Behemoth, and Fiend, are sized and designed to give them the bashing, slashing and bludgeoning power they need!

Weapons include:
The Jaw Club – Those teeth make some really nasty digital animation puncture wounds.
The Saw Sword – Corroded and not well-cared-for, but the teeth are still sharp.
The Spike Club – No finesse here, just brutal bashing.
The Bone Club – A femur with a nice knob for bopping skulls.
The Hatchet – Crudely made, but the edge is sharp and the spike on the back is handy too.
The Nail Club – Well, more like a railroad spike, but hey … that’s just a big nail!
The Sickle – Great for harvesting heads.

Each weapon comes in three versions: an unparented, zeroed version that loads about chest-high to the Monstrosities and right- and left-handed versions that load parented to the right or left hand.

Note: Genesis should be loaded and have the Ogre, Benemoth or Fiend character applied before loading in any of the weapons.

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Companion Installer



The Bone Cart
Oversized Weapon Collection

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