Monsoon?s Cliffs n Caverns

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Included you will find 27 objects for cliff and cavern scene building?
45 materials including ecosystems and displacement materials and 4 scene files for perusal and dissection.

Unzip and place the CliffsnCaverns folder in your main Vue folder. Then in your objects, materials, and scenes browser, guide Vue to the included subfolders and make the new collections.

This kit is for building scenes which include caves, cliffs, rocks, tunnels, vast caverns or just plain holes in the ground. Although the materials and objects can be used ?as is? right out of the box, I encourage you to tweak and twist and change things. Experiment?.change materials, change filter settings, change distribution and elevation settings?.make your own ecosystems with the included objects and most of all have fun!


Monsoon's Essential Earthenwear Collection
Incredibly Lush Grassy Places!

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