Monsieur Bong

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Monsieur Bong – Clothing and Prop Pack for Nursoda’s “Bong”

1 Preload Monsieur Bong (cr2)
1 Conforming Boots (cr2)
1 Conforming Pants (cr2)
1 Conforming Shirt (cr2)
1 Conforming New Eyes with 3 Textures (cr2)
1 Conforming Lids (cr2)
1 Conforming Tiny Hair (cr2)
1 Conforming Scarf (cr2)
1 Conforming Beard (cr2)

1 Beret Cap (smart prop pp2)
1 Red Wine Bottle (as prop and smart prop – pp2)
1 Baguette (as prop and smart prop – pp2)

1 Pose MAT Skin (handpainted – pz2)
3 Pose MAT Eyes (green, blue, brown – pz2)
2 Pose MATs for hide/unhide hair (pz2)
2 Hand poses (for holding the smart props – hd2)


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