Moler Hive Queen:The Earth Mother

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Behold the power of the Hive Queen! The supreme leader of the Moler tribes lives to lead their fellow people via collective telepathic control to victory in the raging battle that engulfs the planet. Genetically mutated to perfection, the Hive Queen mostly lives underground, in the heavily defended religious chambers where the Deep Ones are praised. But, if neccessary, the superior Queen can easily lead the combined force of her tribes into combat, transforming her body structure into a superhardened, solarized organic form of quartz. In this Quartzian battle mode the Queen proves to be a killer-instinct driven berserker feared amongst all the races that battle for Earth?s supremacy. Own the ‘Earth Mother’ now and participate in the outcome of the ultimate war in the apocalyptic future of Desolation: Earth



Twinkle Hair
Lycaon the Werewolf


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