Modular Rundown Castle Corridor

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The modular rundown castle corridor fits any setting from fantasy or medieval to modern adventures.

It is wide enough to look majestic, and at the same time tight enough to add tension. You build it your way, imagination is the limit.

The ceiling can be hidden for the corridor parts, and the floor, to place devious traps and obstacles there instead, like the water or the deadly and feared impaler trap.

It also comes with a bonus room with a staircase that you can fit at the end of the corridor, and the staircase can be hidden for extra variations.

What’s Included and Features
Props: (.DUF)
RCC Broken Floor
RCC Door Arc
RCC Impaler Trap
RCC Portacullis
RCC Roundroom With Door
RCC Roundroom
RCC Torch
RCC Tunnel
Presets: (.DUF)
RCC !3 Piece Corridor
RCC !Corridor Portacullis
RCC !Corridor Section
RCC !Promo Camera
RCC !Promo Scene
Materials: (.DUF)
RCC Broken Floor
RCC Door Arc One
RCC Door Arc Two
RCC Door Arc
RCC Door One
RCC Door Two
RCC Impaler Trap
RCC Portacullis Irons
RCC Roundroom
RCC Torch
RCC TorchFlames One
RCC TorchFlames Three
RCC TorchFlames Two
RCC Tunnel Floor 1
RCC Tunnel Floor 2
RCC Tunnel Left Wall 1
RCC Tunnel Left Wall 2
RCC Tunnel Right Wall 1
RCC Tunnel Right Wall 2
RCC Tunnel
RCC Water Ripples One
RCC Water Ripples Three
RCC Water Ripples Two
Utility Poses: (.DUF)
RCC Hide Door
RCC Hide Tunnel Floor
RCC Show Door
RCC Show Tunnel Floor
Textures Include:
109 Texture Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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