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Today, when so many of us struggle to assemble simple big box furniture with the instructions and a wrench, it is astounding that 100 years ago you could open your Sears and Roebuck catalog and mail order an entire house. For as little as a couple hundred dollars, a pile of lumber and a book of plans would be delivered to your location, and the rest was up to you!

Iconic, especially in the Midwestern United States and northern California, and durable, many of these extraordinary kit homes remain standing. Many entire neighborhoods remain which are comprised entirely of houses built from these plans.

With so many of these homes still standing after 100 years, the NFXstudios Modern Home 1 works perfectly in a wide range of settings from the American Old West through the Great Depression and into contemporary times. It is equally awesome and creepy as a horror setting as well!

The Modern Home features over 70 individually modeled props that make up the full exterior and interior of an antique kit home.

Included are the house, with plumbing and lighting fixtures, the garage, a fenced property, a maple tree, and separately modeled grass in two thicknesses.

Additionally, the Daz Studio version features focus targets in the center of each room to quickly focus and center your camera, making navigation around the scene a breeze. No more endlessly zooming and positioning the camera to get it right where you want it. One press of the mouse button and it’s there!

Note: Two grass props are provided and may be combined in the scene to increase the thickness of the lawn. Each grass prop contains approximately 450,000 polygons for a total of approximately 900,000 polygons when used together. It is recommended that you have a minimum 64 bit, dual core computer with at least 4GB RAM to utilize both grass props simultaneously. The grass and tree are loaded separately, so only the house and property may be used alone.

This product was tested on a 5 year old dual core HP laptop and loads, runs, and renders without lag. Daz Studio users may wish to turn off viewport antialiasing and turn down viewport texture resolution for optimal performance on slower machines.



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  1. martian

    December 19, 2013

    Update addresses a scaling issue in Poser.

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