Modern Bedroom

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Architectural set of props for modern bedroom. 9 props are parts of the room; 4 walls, floor, ceiling, 2 doors and exterior ‘screen’.

Other 32 props are furniture and decorative stuff: 3 different type beds 2 different type chairs 2 different type coffe tables 3 different type rugs/carpets 1 big picture (canvas on wooden frame) 2 framed picture (portrait and landscape oriented) 2 wall shelves 3 wall lamp 2 floor lamp 1 LCD tv 6 decorative pots and vases 1 decorative chest 1 window shutter (morph open/close, raise/lower) 1 window curtain (morph together/apart) 1 fake fireplace 1 self-standing mirror.


Seductive Style for Hongyu's SchoolGirl V4
FEVERISH for Dream Stalker by Val3dArt


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