Mock’s Groovy Zombie Bashing Set 2

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Wether you like the old sturdy baseball bat or that trusty double axe if you need some zombie bashing items go no further (well may be just a little further and get the first set too). To put it simply I?ve assembled some detailed props for those individuals looking for horror and action items. Why buy this set you ask? To save time and frustration for starters you may be able to find some of these items out there on the web but where? How will they look? And will you be able to use them in your project?
As simple as a shovel seems, it?s hard to make and make to look good. My shovel looks good and the double axe looks good how many of those have you seen outside of commercial packs (costing more than mine) that look good with good texturing? The same holds true for the crowbar how many have you seen? How many times have you seen pick axes like the small one I offer in this set? Anywhere? The large one looks good too.
How about the water gun? If nothing else you need that for those summer sense (not just for squirting holy water). It also has 6 smart props and poseable pump and trigger to add some versatility to its uses.
The book is the sweetheart of the set fully textured inside and out with 4 alternate cover textures. Fully poseable looks good open, closed, or in-between.
The dynamite is a plus as well, most props like this look cartoonish mine look real with a fuse that can be posed and spark smart prop. The same goes for the Molotov the rag has morphs and a fire smart prop.
I also include a fine looking knife which is parented to Vicky3?s right hand, this knife is the same one that comes with ?The Gun? but I believe it gets over-looked and in that set is parented to the base gun rather than a hand.


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