Mnemosyne – Alien character for V4

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Mnemosyne is a full set to transform any V4 in a seductive and dangerous alien character. Add two conforming long cephalopodic limbs to her head, they will easily coil as snakes on her body… But this isn’t all, tons of features are included. A full set of morphs from FBM to details as teeth, tongue, nails, ears… Two colors for her skin, three face options, eyes, teeth and nails materials. This beast will be hard to overwehlm.


Poser users:

– Victoria 4.2
– PC and MAC compatible
– Tested on Poser 7, 8, 9, 10

DS Users:

– Victoria 4.2 (latest version, ExP&Powerloader – enabled)
– PC and MAC compatible
– Tested on DS 4.5, 4.6


– Smart-posing conforming tentacles;
-Two texture sets (ash blue and olive)
-Three face texture options, two lips options;
– Four eyes color options;
-Three nails color options;
-Three teeth color options;
-Two face poses;
-Six full poses, both for V4 and tentacles;
-Full morph set:

Shaping Morphs:

– M_MnemosyneBody
– M_MnemosyneBreast
– M_MnemosyneBreast_Out
– M_MnemosyneNails
– M_MnemosyneToenails
– M_MnemosyneFace
– M_MnemosyneEars
– M_MnemosyneTeeth
– M_MnemosyneTeeth_Narrow
– M_MnemosyneTeethFW
– M_MnemosyneTongue

Teeth&Lips fix:

– M_Mnemosyne_UpperlipFix
– M_Mnemosyne_LowerlipFix
– M_Mnemosyne_LowerlipFix2


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