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Have fun Mixing and Matching items for Cookie with Mixies!

The Baseball Hat can work for a variety of renders with our favorite toon Cookie. From a day in the park, to a sunny bike ride, to the big game! The hat comes with fits for several of Cookie’s Hair and even has fits for 3 Chip hairs!
The Mixies Baseball Hat is a conforming clothing item for Cookie.

The Hat has special fits on it for many of the hair styles currently Available at RDNA as of 01/2010. Please note that this is impossible to do for most Pigtail and Pony Tail designs. You will find it fits the following hair. It also includes 3 Hair fits for Chip Hair.
Cookie Hair 1 and Bangs 1 (Default Fit)
Cookie Hair 2 and Bangs 2
Alice Hair
Cyndi Hair
Summer Hair
Athena Hair
Skate Base and Skate Bangs 1 and 2
Dakota Bangs (Hat will not fit the Dakota Base but you can fit them over the Bangs if you Mix and Match hair pieces)
Chip – Gryph Hair
Chip – Shane Hair
Chip – Wind Swept Hair

Have Fun!


Strictly for Men - Knights in black satin

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