Michael’s Morphing Fantasy Beard w/Hair

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Conformable, morphable, and poseable, the Fantasy Beard is a hi-resolution mesh that stays fluid during extreme morphs and poses. In addition to the 36 shaping morphs and 35 Michael expression morphs, this figure is enhanced with a NEW approach to poser figures. This approach is called ‘Bodyhandles’

‘Bodyhandles’ are bodyparts not connected to the mesh but still present lending their rotational parameters to deform the mesh. Similar to the way the legs and abdomen affect the hip on characters, these ‘Bodyhandles’ are connected only by their blend zones. Encircling the hair as visible cones, when each of the seven is rotated the hair mesh is affected and thus advance posing begins. When posing is complete, simply make the ‘Bodyhandles’ material transparent. ‘Bodyhandles’ exploit Poser’s native abilities to do what only morphs have done up until now.

The Gate by 3-D-C
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