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This pack is specifically created with 3D Texture artists, Web site Designers, Taggers and Scrapbookers in mind. No matter what you want to create digitally a little texture can lift your project from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Use them to embellish your scrapping pages. Use them to brighten up your Poser characters and clothing. The only limit to their use is your imagination.

All the metallic elements in this pack are 100% digitally created and provided in .png format

Maximum element size is 900px X 900px

This pack contains:
4 Bronze Snowflake Medallions
4 Copper Snowflake Medallions
4 Gold Snowflake Medallions
4 Pewter Snowflake Medallions
4 Silver Showflake Medallions

Please Note: All metallic elements were created in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and/or Photoshop CS4 with the canvas set to 300dpi. This can be changed in the graphics editing software of your choice.


Moonbeam's Winter Wonder
Folkvangar's Santa


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    December 24, 2012

    very nice…thank you Betsy

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