Merlin’s Sabres

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The sabre is a type of sword usually used by cavalry during the 19th Century. It is still used as part of an officers dress uniform today in both the US and British armies.

The British heavy cavalry sabre was used by the British forces during the Napoleonic Wars in 1803.
The US sabre was used by Dragoons during the Civil War in 1861
The Italian swept hilt rapier and parry dagger were used as dueling weapons in 16th century Europe.

Total of 8 models and 18 texture, specular and bump maps. The models are in OBJ and PP2 file format, for V4 and M4. All swords are parented to the right hand of V4 and M4 and the scabbards to the left hip. The parry dagger is parented to the left hand and the scabbard to the right hip.

(Note from me – The Italian rapier and parry dagger in this set would go perfectly with the World of Duels pose set.)


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Punk Chick Halter for Victoria 4


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    December 2, 2012

    Glad you like ’em. 🙂 There’s another similar set, focused on basket-hilt swords (including a Spanish-style rapier plus a claymore, with cool rust and blood mat effects in addition to the standard mats) and I’m hoping to be able to get (and share) it soon!

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