Merlin’s Exotic Blades

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?A collection of six highly detailed exotic blades for the right and left hands of V4 and M4:
The Katar or punch dagger is a type of short punching sword from India.
The Kris from South East Asia is a type of asymmetrical dagger, famous for it’s distinctive wavy blade. Comes with a scabbard.
The Kukri from Nepal is a curved knife used by the fearsome Gurkha regiments. Comes with a matching scabbard.
The Tulwar from India is a long curved sword, comes with a matching scabbard.
The Pata is an Indian sword with a gauntlet as a hand guard, also called a gauntlet sword.
The Wind and fire wheels from China are circular blades usually wielded as a pair and used in Chinese martial arts.


The Monument
Tree Bundle by Merlin


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