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You wouldn it render eyes nose and mouth as a texture painted onto a flat head. So why render body hair as part of a painted texture? Body hair will look substantially different when viewed from different angles, so why not render it as fully 3D geometry? These 9 exceptionally realistic pubic wigs were created for Victoria, but by slightly adjusting their position on the body, they work well with any character in Poser, giving your nude renders a whole new level of detail and realism. Because the hair is modeled as real strands (not transparency maps or textures) it will look correct from any angle, it will be convincing during animation, and it will cast and receive shadow just like any real object. Poser hair is fine for creating dynamic head hair, but body hair requires more subtlety and a higher level of control, so an external package was used to create Merkin. This means not only that the models are better quality than Poser is hair, but also that they render properly at any resolution, they don it need any special setting up and they don it need a version of Poser which renders hair. They work completely independently of Poser hair. Just click to add pubes to a character is genitalia, and hit render. The rendered quality of these models has to be seen to be believed so take a look (if you ire over 18) at the sample images. There is no problem with altering the hair is colour or material – Blonde, brunette or redhead, it is up to you. You can even paint them green if you like.

Caitlin Celtic Elegance

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