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The Mephistopolis Noir shaders are the most dynamic, easy-to-use cel- and comic-style shaders which emulate classic comic art with ease and help you to break out your own style. No more settling for the same rendered-model look: not-quite-wax and not-quite-photo. Mephistopolis Noir takes your style down a new highway entirely.

The DAZ Studio 3.1 version of Mephistopolis Noir is in .DSE format and will work in any version of DAZ Studio from 3.1 forward. It may work in 3.0 as well, but has not been tested that far back. It will not work on Genesis 2 figures in DAZ Studio 4.5 or above.
The DAZ Studio 4.5 version of Mephistopolis Noir is in .DUF format and is exclusive to DAZ Studio 4.5 and higher. But it will work on Genesis 2 figures, or on any other model or character you may desire. The download package is a little lighter, too.
DAZ Studio 4.0 and earlier will not allow the simple application of a base shader preset to a mesh without bringing all the base’s original settings in on top of the user’s own. Mephistopolis Noir shaders are designed to receive any textures pasted from any standard DAZ shader with minimal loss of user settings.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer
1 DAZ Studio Legacy Installer




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  1. tigger_fan2

    October 10, 2013

    This is fantastic! Thanks!

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