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    Posette Posted an update in General Chat 1 year, 7 months ago

    Feeling slightly frustrated here..

    I get that DAZ has their new iray render engine…fine…for now they still offer lots of cool items with both iray and 3d materials…but more and more the 3d materials will not work in DS 4.8…they load okay but as soon as you go into render….WHAM…error and shuts it down. This means I have to open 4.9 and start over…and am noticing more and more items are iray only…
    Why not just go with iray you say? Well…the time. Daz is strictly a hobby for me. The render times to make a single image with no props or scenery is upwards of 45 minutes…sorry but I put 45 minutes into choosing the character I want to use in something and another 30 setting it up…now I have to wait over an hour for a 1200 x 1200 image?
    Upgrade you say? Sorry again this is just a hobby…which means I am not able to invest $1000 into a new computer just to make some 3d figures…and this is an all in one so you can’t upgrade things like the graphics card…I already checked.

    So if anyone knows of a good set of render settings for iray that is quicker than the defaults…a light set that looks nice on almost any character let me know…I am not unwilling to try iray again…just dont want to spend an hour waiting to see how one image is going to turn out….

    • Damien 1 year, 5 months ago

      Hi there

      Did you tried export as obj to other 3D SW,like is 3DS MAX or Poser,I usually do that,I pose G3F in DS and export her to Poser or 3DS MAX,where I use other and faster render engines like Corona Renderer

      Regarding IRAY,not sure there why you re getting such errors,but I think is down to DS itself as in DS 4.9 is different IRAY

      Regarding the speed of IRAY,you are not alone,many people are too frustrated,getting faster PC or GPU is sometimes not the option and as you are said,spending such amount is sometimes crazy there,I know from personal experience how it is and how it works,I do work from work and if my brother didn’t help me to build the PC,then I would be using very old PC

      And regarding the render settings I will check my older settings which I’ve used,but this has been on mine older i7-920,where render took around 40-50 minutes depending on few factors,for best results in IRAY you are really want to have GPU from NVIDIA,without this yours renders still can be very slow there

      Can you please post yours PC specs

      Hope this helps


    • Damien 1 year, 5 months ago

      Hi Posette

      Can you check logs which are located in

      C:\users\Yours Name\Application Data\DAZ 3D\Studio4\log.txt

      And please if you could post,there you can see what texture or what is causing this there

      Hope this helps



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