Meadow, Moorland and Pasture by Martin Frost

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This great bundle of Thirty Three High Definition SolidGrowth Grass Plants and Fifteen Ultra Real Ecosystems is perfect for any of your scenes which needs grass that will be as impressive close up as it is en mass or in the distance!!
The bundle has been specially designed by leading plant creator Martin Frost, to compliment his other great Alpine Grasslands, Alpine Meadows Megabundle and the best selling Grasslands Mega Bundle! Whilst also being a great addition on its own, to your Vue SolidGrowth plant collection.
The plants in this bundle have all been created using high resolution digital photographs and hand painted textures saved at the highest resolution possible so that you can use them as both highly detailed foreground plants or in ecosystems or Vue’s ecopainter. The ecosystems incuded in this bundle will also enable you to create a variety of highly realistic grassy habitats with a few clicks of your mouse when applied to a terrain.
This Bundle Contains:

Six Greybeard SolidGrowth Grass Plants – Spodiopogon sibiricus is a large grass found in Temperate regions of Asia, Siberia and Mongolia. It likes moist conditions and in warmer areas is found growing at higher altitudes in mountainous regions.
Seven SolidGrowth Brome Grass Plants- Bromus spp. A lush green grass found in many temperate areas of the world, including Europe and North America. It is used in animal fodder, and common in meadow and lawn grass mixes, and of course turns up as a weed in the garden too!!
Twelve SolidGrowth Annual Rye Grass PlantsLolium multiflorum It is an herbaceous annual, biennial, or perennial grass that is grown for silage and as a cover crop. It is also grown as an ornamental and readily naturalizes in temperate climates. It is found almost everywhere in the temperate world and is one of the most familiar grasses.
Eight SolidGrowth Purple Moor Grass Plants – Molinia caerulea is a perennial grass native to Europe, west Asia, north Africa and the east of North America. It grows in locations from the lowlands up to 2300 m in the Alps. It is common on moist Heathland, bogs and Moorland throughout Britain. This species is perfect when used on its own and even better when used in combination with Martin’s Heath and Moorland Bundle
Fifteen Ecosystems using the species listed above to create a variety of different habitats from smooth lawn to moor or heathland and pasture. Where appropriate the ecosystems are provided in different color combinations to represent the changing of the seasons.

Each species of grass has both lush green summer plants as well as autumnal golden hued plants, and most are provided in flowering and non flowering forms to add both variety and realism to your renders!!



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