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Fresh-faced innocence from the Summer of Love! Maxine’s textures have been optimized for both Poser and DAZ Studio and are guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use! Both regular DS3 and DS3 Advanced HSS shaders are included with this product. As an extra bonus, two smart-propped daisies (one for the hair, and one for the hands) are included.

Included in this set:
01 INJ Face File
01 REM Face File
01 INJ Body File
01 REM Body File
01 INJ Default Short Nails File
01 REM Default Short File
01 INJ Long Nails File
01 REM Long Nails File
01 INJ Nails Square File
01 REM Nails Square File
01 Eye Fix File
01 Jaw Fix File
01 Jaw Restore File
01 Nipples OFF File
01 Default MAT File
01 INJ Gens Hair File
01 REM Gens Hair File
01 INJ Tattoo File
01 REM Tattoo File
08 Eye Color Files
03 Lash Files
16 Lip Files (08 Lip colors, each available in matte and shiny versions + 01 Default Lip file, also available in matte and shiny versions)
08 Make-Up Files (08 Make-Up files + 1 Make-Up OFF file)
08 Nail Polish Files (08 Nail Polish files + 01 Default Nail file)
06 Hand Poses (03 Left, 03 Right)
01 Daisy Smart Prop (zeroed, parented to left hand, parented to right hand)
01 Daisy Hair Smart Prop (parented to left ear, parented to right ear)


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