Martial Arts Tai Chi Chuan Pose For Genesis FeMale 2 V6 Set 1

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Real power in martial arts! Punch, Kick, any beated force will be fight back by the master.

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese fighting skill and there are 300 millions persons all over the world practice the exercise up to now.
Tai Chi master could fight and beat enemy whose muscle and power is much larger than the master.
The scerets of Tai Chi is that the master adopt following key points:
1. Tai Chi master adopt enemy’s attack force to fight back to himself.
2. Tai Chi master could immediately change enemy’s body gravity center to enforce the enemy lose his body balance.
3. Tai Chi master by way of breathe and thinking practice could produce magic Chan Si Gong which is resonance of master body and enemy’s reaction force.
The resonance is huge and much larger than enemy’s momentum therefore the enemy would be thrown out far away.
This Martial Arts Tai Chi Chuan Pose For Genesis FeMale 2 V6 Set 1 is one of Dream Story’s series of Tai Chi Chuan Poses which contains 4 standard shadow boxing as below:
1.Qi Shi Preparing Form.
2.You Jin Gang Dao Dui Indra Pounds with Tilt Hammer.
3.Lan Zha Yi Lazy About Grasping Robe
4.You Liu Feng Si Bi Right Six Sealing & Four Closing. Besides that there are several real fight, thrown out, and punched poses inside this pack to make up fighting scene.
Tai Chi Chuan poses are full of beauty and power therefore it is suitable for all aspects of 3D scene design.
This collection contains 40 poses and they are ideal for portrait, artistic renders, fighting pose practice, and cloth creations.
This pose set design is based on Genesis FeMale 2 figure Victoria 6 and is suitable for Olympia 6. These poses work best with the Rotation Limits turned off.

All poses are standard Tai Chi Chun shadow boxing form.
* The poses in Tai Chi Chun created by ancient martial masters are carefully to maintain body balance.
* Apply those poses in Poser and DAZ could make a real Tai Chi Chun practice animation.
* Best for victoria 6. Olympia 6 only needs to little adjust y translation hegiht to stand on the ground.

Poser 9+ or Poser 2012 with SR3 (Or later) with free DSON Importer for Poser
DAZ Studio 4.6



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