Marrakesh Souks 2012

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DS 3, DS 4 and Poser files!

Marrakesh Souks – A backdrop to a vibrant melting pot of cultures, languages, shops and stalls. This versatile exterior pack includes everything you need including structural parts: walls, ground, arch and doorways (four styles).

Detailing includes fully articulated doors, windows, wall lights, sun screen and three styles of awnings. All of these feature both pre-load and individual presets for maximum versatility.

Also included is the DAZ Studio light set as used in the evening promos.

Please note: this is a re-release of the original product from 2009. This new version includes an all-new texture pack as well as full DAZ Studio 3.1+ and 4.5+ support (both scene and material files). The original obj files haven’t been altered and will still reside in the same folder as the originals. This is so backwards compatibility with the other texture add-on packs is maintained. Should you have the original version installed, you may install this version alongside it as it will not overwrite the original Poser and DAZ Studio files and continue to use both at the same time.


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