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This set includes:

35 Poses for posing V4’s upper body
35 Poses for the Oceana (mermaid) Tail

This set also includes the same 35 Tail poses customized to work with the 5 additional Add_TailnoXtalk options found in the Oceana set. Simply use the poses in the folder option that match the Tail you are using in your scene. For example, you would use the poses in the Tail folder for the default Oceana_Tail. If you decide to use the 2nd_Oceana_Tail in your scene, you will need to use the poses in Tail_2 for it. If you choose another Tail options, say the 6th_Oceana_Tail option, then you will need to use the poses in Tail_6 folder. The Tail_# indicates which Tail the poses are customized to work with. The use of the extra EasyPose Tail options allows you to have up to 6 Oceana_Tails in use in the same scene without having to worry with crosstalk issues between the tails or having to bother with loading in Null Figures and all the other necessary steps otherwise required to prevent unwanted crosstalk when two or more of the same Easypose figure are used in the same scene.

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Supported Software:

Poser 7 up, Daz Studio 3.1 up



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