M4 Ultra Morphs And Face Randomizer

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This is NOT the Merchant Resource Kit.

Face Randomizer and Injection Builder are not Daz Studio Compatible.

Download the FREE Daz Studio ‘Inject PMD’ plugin by ‘DeltaX15’ Here.

The much anticipated ‘Ultra’ morph set for M4 has arrived. Over 250 head morphs that will make your dials spin. Used alone they will give you an endless supply of original characters that you will not be able to achieve using the standard M4 base and ++ morphs.

The ‘Face Randomizer’ by Shaderworks is a really awesome tool. There is so much control over how you generate the faces. You can fine tune all the settings to generate really beautiful symmetrical faces. You can also generate expressive and exaggerated asymmetrical faces too. There is even a ‘Caricature’ function that allows the user to add incremental values to the randomized face. Each increment will exaggerate the face by the amount that you choose. This function alone gives this plugin double the value. All character faces on this page were created with Face Randomizer.

“But that’s not all… Just to make your character creation life even easier ‘ShaderWorks’ has created ‘Injection Builder Light’. Just a few clicks and your’ Inject and Remove’ character files are created in the location of your choice. This HAS to be the simplest solution for creating injection files ever concieved.



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