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Variation. Options. Getting more out of an already exceptional figure…

That’s what we all want. And M4 Enhanced gives you that for Michael 4. More morphs. More textures. More clothing. And variation like you’ve never imagined for a figure.

M4 Enhanced/Mina for M4 gives you 46 new full body morphs, and 63 new face/head morphs. Each is designed to expand on the current Daz morph sets. New muscles and muscle areas help get you the handsome masculine look you desire for your male figures. Mina and her supporting morphs give you a female figure that is different from any other woman in your collection. Specific body morphs emphasize size and detail, and many can be used to the negative to give you even more variation. And this set can be used in conjunction with other Daz morph sets to get even more out of Michael 4.

The set includes two base body textures, smooth and with body hair (male), and 4 different faces (3 feminine with different makeup and one male).

M4 Enhanced/Mina also includes a fantasy base set, and a special “impossible” breastplate for Mina. The set is textured in old gold with a high relief. The clothing is very tightly fitted, and you may need to turn off M4’s toes and feet to hide pokethrough.

The set also has the following Smartprops: A winged crown/helmet, a headband with a flat metal forehead plate, and a pair of earrings with each side mapped seperatly so you can use them as a single.

More? How about a tight, skullcap type hair? It can be used for that shaved head look, or used as a base for hair growth in Poser or other 3D program that supports dynamic hair.

Finally, I’ve included 2 extra versions of Michael 4 for full Victoria 4 compatibility. The first is a custom figure file that allows you to inject ANY Victoria 4 morph into M4. Have V4 faces you’d like to use on M4? How about all those breast morphs for V4 applied to Mina? And there is also a version that not only has full V4 injection compatibility, but allows you to use V4 mats and textures on M4. V4 male textures look great on Michael 4, and all those wonderful V4 textures are amazing on Mina.

Ashley International M4
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