M4 Drow

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M4 Drow In the Light or in the Shadow. Fighting for Good or for Evil. Drow are now among us. The Drow a society of dark skined Elves have been represnted in many different forms from D&D gamebooks to online computer games. A Character & Texture set for M4 Here are 3 textures for Michael 4 with different facial markings to give you a choice of which to render & 4 eyes texture options Want a M4 character ready for adventure . Even choose between Elf ear or a human ear 4 Eye textures 1 Eye bump 15 Head textures 1 Head bump 1 Lashes trans 3 Limbs textures 3 Torso textures 1 Limbs bump 1 Torso bump 1 teeth texture 1 teath bump There is no genitalia texture


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