Lysithea Bride V4/A4/G4

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Lysithea Bridal outfit is a morphing conforming outfit for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Girl 4, and with fits for Freja and Adiene’s Lysithea character. Included in this package are a morphing/conforming dress, armlets, a conforming bow for the back of the dress, a spider tiara with a removeable veil, a skull garter, a bouquet with a switchable spider, skull ornament ( or plain ), a skull wedding cake, and a knife with bloody mats included. Dress, Armlets and Bow all contain the standard FBM’s and PBM’s including: Amazon, Body Builder, Bulk, Fitness, Heavy, Pear Figure, Thin, Voluptuous, Young, ADJ Hips, ADJ Torso Up, ADJ Waist, Cleavage Width, Breast Diameter, Breast Flatten, Breast Hang Forward, Breast Implant, Breast Large, Breast Natural, Breast Perk, Breast Size, Breast Nipples, Nipples Depth, Nipples Height, Belly Smooth, Belly Thickness, Belly thin, Hips Size, Tummy Out, Waist Width, Glute Size, Fit A4, Fit G4 and various movement, style, and wind custom morphs.Boots are from OutofTouch’s ‘Obsessed’ package. The boots are not included.

Included :

1 Morphing / Conforming Dress, with 6 dress mats with different mesh styles

1 Morphing / Conforming Bow

1 Morphing / Confroming set of Armlets, with mats for different mesh styles

1 Morphing Spider Tiara / Veil Prop with custom morphs, with removeable veil mat and 15 different color mats for veil and tiara

1 Skull Garter Prop

1 Geometry switching Bouquet ( plain, spider, skull ) Prop, with 19 mats for color

1 Skull Wedding Cake Prop

Required: Link to post:
FRAD Lysithea


Blood Rose for Lysithea Bride
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