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With the help of an improved shaders system and the use of hi-res photos of a real woman we have made her with a careful attention and we morphed details like breasts, abdomen, belly button and anatomically correct genitals.

We give you two different MAT files for her pubic zone, one with hair and one with shaved hair.

Two different MAT options included, with or without sub surface scattering. cutom head morph created to give you a very unique face.

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Lycia
– REM Lycia
– MAT Lycia Base
– MAT Lycia SSS
– 1 Body Without Hair
– 1 Body Without Hair SSS
– 1 Body With Hair
– 1 Body With Hair SSS
– 3 MAT Eye colors
– 6 MAT Face
– 6 MAT Face SSS
– 5 MAT Lips
– 5 MAT Lips SSS
– 5 MAT Lips Wet
– 5 MAT Lips Wet SSS
– 1 MAT Nails Natural
– 4 MAT Nails colours

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Stellar Sniper
Dynamic Collection - Breeze Dawn/V4


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