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LY Spirited Girls HD Bodies and Faces for Genesis 8 Female

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I really enjoyed putting together this group of HD Bodies and Faces. You will get 15 Bodies and 8 Faces that are all custom, unique and usable as Merchant Resources. These are all created as HD bases so crank up your resolution to enjoy them.
I used the basic body shapes …. Apple, Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and their subtypes as real life references for these bodies. I find it more interesting to vary the body types when I work so that not everything looks the same. Try blending them together for a unique look.
I love how these faces turned out. They are unique enough to stand on their own, but also blend very nicely with other morphs. I had fun mixing them together and with Victoria 8 for some of the pictures above. Again, these are all Merchant Resources, so take them and modify them for your needs. I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as I did.
May be used as a Merchant Resource.
No textures included.
What’s Included and Features
• LY Spirited Girls HD Bodies and Faces for Genesis 8 Female: (.DUF)
• Body Morphs:
? Spirited Girls Body 01 Avery
? Spirited Girls Body 02 Tabitha
? Spirited Girls Body 03 Echo
? Spirited Girls Body 04 Luna
? Spirited Girls Body 05 Ainsley
? Spirited Girls Body 06 Junia
? Spirited Girls Body 07 Piper
? Spirited Girls Body 08 Margot
? Spirited Girls Body 09 Rumer
? Spirited Girls Body 10 Lark
? Spirited Girls Body 11 Keyla
? Spirited Girls Body 12 Elodie
? Spirited Girls Body 13 Muse
? Spirited Girls Body 14 Delia
? Spirited Girls Body 15 Aurelia
• Head Morphs:
? Spirited Girls Face 01 Fiona
? Spirited Girls Face 02 Charlene
? Spirited Girls Face 03 Kinsley
? Spirited Girls Face 04 Norah
? Spirited Girls Face 05 Wren
? Spirited Girls Face 06 Scout
? Spirited Girls Face 07 Briony
? Spirited Girls Face 08 Lilou

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Genesis 8 http://3d-stuff.ru/genesis-8-starter-essentials/


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