Luna for V4

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In the depths of the forest, in the dark recesses of unspoiled nature…you will find her moving softly across the land. Doe-like in both her beauty and grace, she finds her way to the spot she has been to 1000 times before. A place of peace and wonder, knowledge and serenity…hoping to one day connect in some small way with the elders of her kind and dreaming of days long since past….

Included with Luna for V4

1 Completely Custom Character Head INJ/REM (V4 Morph Packs Not Needed)
1 Softly Detailed Default Head/Body Texture (3000×3000)
10 Lovely MakeUp Options
6 Eye Textures (1200×1200)
1 Soft Smile Custom Expression
5 Poser Lights
1 Pair of Conforming Wings (CR2 & OBJ)
2 Sparkly Wing Texture Options (2048×2048)
*Character and Wings Include Poser Material Settings and DAZ Studio Specific Files as well as Bump, Displacement, and Specular Maps.


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