LOVELY LACES Layer Styles-Set No. 2

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–Imagine creating lace embellishments, overlays, seamless tiles, ruffles, clothing, frames and more with just one-click of your mouse in Photoshop 7 & Above!!

–As I was creating Lovely Laces Layer Styles Set 2, I tried to give you lots of new and different sheer lace styles while still keeping to the basics, as far as color goes. You will be getting a few stitching styles but the majority will be beautiful sheer white, red and black laces! All patterns/textures inside are seamless for easy sizing and were created at 200-300 dpi which makes them suitable to use on web design and for print layouts. These styles are a merchant/designer resource so, please read my TOU below, if you decide to use them in that manner.

–Please take a look at the Product Preview pages and remember that all the styles on those pages have been scaled down in size due to size/website requirements!

–It’s also important for me to point out that the SHEER LACES will pick up whatever background color that you have behind it. There are open gaps in the style, just like real lace! If you want to make clothing, draperies, etc. it’s best to make a selection over your base clothing layer and add a new layer-fill with a solid color over top of it. Then, use your style on the new layer! It will pick up the fabric color/texture behind it and be sheer enough to show as an open lace on top. You can always lower the opacity of the style if you would like an even more see-through effect. Add or subtract drop shadows according to taste.

–Any questions, you can always write me here at my Renderosity mailbox-c/o fractalartist01. If I get a good response regarding the colored laces, I will consider designing a set of colored laces only.

–Below is a list of the contents of your styles:
~~17 Sheer White Laces~~
~~17 Sheer Black Laces~~
~~2 Sheer Red Laces~~
~~1 Light Blue Sheer Lace~~
~~1 Light Pink Sheer Lace~~
~~1 Purple Sheer Lace~~
~~11 Opaque Stitching Styles~~


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