Longitude & Latitude Lighting and Render Presets for DS Iray

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In this package you will find a selection of Render Setting Presets, Gobo Lights and Emissive Lights for DAZ Studio Iray.

This package focuses on the ‘Sun-Sky Only’ Environment Render setting in Iray and explains how this area of DAZ Studio works. A 5 page hints/tips PDF is included explaining how the ‘Sun-Sky Only’ Environment works in DAZ Studio and 69 Render Presets examples are included to help you understand the documentation.

10 Tree Gobo Lights are included, which use spot lights. Additional explanations in the Hints/Tips pages on how to control Spot Lights in Iray are included.

Additionally 06 weather and sunset/nighttime Iray lighting sets are included for rendering in scene-mode.

You can mix and match the tree gobos and weather and sunset/nighttime to create stunning renders.

So altogether there’s 111 options for you to mix/match.

What’s Included and Features
Longitude & Latitude Lighting and Render Presets (.DUF)
Sun Positions – Sun-Sky Only Render Mode:
Arctic Circle – Central Canada:
Summer – June to September
August 14th – 11am
August 14th – 6am
August 20th – 2pm
July 30th – 10am
July 30th – 2pm
July 30th – 8pm
June 15th – 3pm
June 1st – 12 Noon
June 30th – 10am
September 21st – 2pm
September 21st – 9am
September 21st – Noon
Winter – December to February
December 1st – 2pm
December 1st – 8am
December 1st – Noon
February 20th – 1pm
February 20th – 4pm
February 20th – 9am
January 10th – 3pm
January 10th – Noon
January 20th – 2pm
Arctic Circle – North East England:
Summer – June to August
August 24th – 10am
August 24th – 11-20am
August 24th – 2pm
July 15th – 1pm
July 15th – 3pm
July 15th – 9am
June 1st – 10am
June 1st – 2pm
June 1st – Noon
Winter – December to February
December 1st – 3pm
December 1st – 8am
December 1st – Noon
February 1st – 11am
February 1st – 1pm
February 1st -3-30pm
January 31st – 10am
January 31st – 2pm
January 31st – 5pm
Tropic of Cancer – Central America:
Dry Season – November to May
April 20th – 10am
December 20th – Noon
February 20th – 5pm
January 20th – 2pm
March 20th – 3pm
May 20th – Noon
November 20th – 4pm
Wet Season – June to October
August 30th – Noon
July 30th – Noon
June 30th – Noon
October 30th – Noon
September 30th – 2pm
Tropic of Cancer – Central Mexico:
Dry Season – October to April
April 23rd – 6pm
December 23rd – 3pm
February 23rd – 3pm
January 23rd – 5pm
March 23rd – 10am
November 23rd – 1pm
October 23rd – Noon
Wet Season – May to September
August 10th – Noon
July 10th – 4pm
June 10th – 7pm
May 10th – 7am
September 10th – 1pm
Tropic of Capricorn – Central Australia:
Summer – December to February
December 25th – 6pm
February 28th – Noon
January 28th – 7pm
Winter – June to August
August 30th – 10am
July 30th – 4pm
June 30th – 3pm
10 Tree Iray Gobos – Scene Only Mode
Weather Conditions – Scene Only Mode
Clear Night Moonlight
Overcast Day
Summer Sun Noon
Winter Sun Noon
Textures Include:
10 Transparency Maps (2574 x 2574 up to 3744 x 3744)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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Render Studio Iray

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