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?People say I?m crazy. Maybe. Truth is I like fighting ninja, spies, yakuza, whatevs. I?m like, where?s the party? Especially ninja. They have mad skills, which is always good, plus they don?t want to talk or show their faces, so you really don?t have to get, y?know, involved. When you kill them.?

Meet Lolo?, the new premium model from the growing world of Third Degree. Custom shaped by Tony Puryear and Damsel, creators of the best-selling Ninja Setsuko?, Lolo is a caramel-colored young UN/Interpol agent who is as unpredictable as she is beautiful. Crazy, mixed-up and very, very hot, Lolo is equally at ease with a katana or a 9mm, in high heels or biker boots. Let other action heroines bring the serious, Lolo?s here to bring the fun.

Lolo?s photo-real textures come with a custom shader option and MAT combinations including beauty make-ups, unique eye and nail colors, and realistic bruises and bandages to highlight her reckless appeal. A sexy dog-tags prop is also included, in case she gets carried away and forgets who she is for a moment. As if.

Experience 3D to the Third Degree?. Let Lolo rock your runtime today!

SPECIAL BONUS: Special shaders using the Human Surface Shaders, as seen in the DAZ 3D Elite product line.

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