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LM Creative set MR for V4/A4/S4

Is a complete merchant resource for create your own characters from zero.
The four PSD have groups for create and change the textures, for realize your characters
HEAD PSD is composed by:
1) Head.jpg texture like base
2) Eyebrows Group with in it 3 eyebrows and one no eyebrows layer
3)Lips Natural Group with in it 4 Lips layers
4) Imperfection Group with in it 12 layer of freckled,mole,scar,acne,scar,scab, eyes circles
5) Make up Group with in it
– Lipstick Group contained 6 Lips with lipstick
– Blushes Group with in it 4 blushes options
– EyeShadows Group with in it 6 eyeshadow to mix and match for infinite combinations
– Eyeliner Group with 4 eyeliner options

TORSO PSD is composed by:
1) Torso.jpg texture like base
2) Special Effect Group with in it moles, scar, vampire bite,rush, bruises layers
3) Nipples Group with 3 kind of nipples more one no nipples layers
4) Belly Bottoms Group with 4 kind of Belly bottoms layers

LIMBS PSD is composed by:
1) Limbs.jpg texture like base
2) Imperfection Group with in it moles, scar, bleeding wound,contusion, bruises layers
3) Knees Group with 3 kind of knees layers
4) Nails Group with 2 kind of nails choiches french nails and Lacquer red.

EYES PSD is composed by
1) White background
2) Scleras Group with 2 different scleras colors
3) Irises Group with 8 different irises
4) Shadows Group with 4 shadows for the irises
5) 1 Pupil layers

All textures PSD and JPG of Head , Torso, Limbs are 4000 x 4000 and are seamless
The textures come with displacement and bump textures
3 Head Textures ( normal, bump, displacement)
3 Torso Textures ( normal, bump, displacement)
3 Limb Textures ( normal, bump, displacement)
2 Eyes Textures ( normal and bump)
1 Cornea Reflexion texture
1 Lashes Transmap texture
2 Teeth/Gums textures ( normal and bump)
1 Lacrima transmap texture

In the package you will found also a poser runtime
with the mat for apply your textures.

All the textures were controlled in Bodypaint and are seamless.

We hope you can create marvellous characters using this merchant resource and your fantasy.


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