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When entering the room you can feel this unique atmosphere.
Lots of people who are closely watching the rotating wheels and then … JACKPOT.
What are we talking about? We talk about a casino of course.
Slot machines as far as the eye can see and in the middle two money-wheels. That’s fun, isn’t it?

Try it out and maybe your Vicroria gets the 7-series.

You get:

2 different kind of slotmachines
6 textures (matfiles) for each slotmachine
1 Barstool for the players
3 textures (matfiles) for the barstool
1 empty casino room
1 preprepared scene with different slotmachines at all walls, stools f?r the players and two money-wheels in the middle of the room.
1 preprepared scene -> one corner with slotmachines and stools for the players (this scene renders more quickly than the whole room)

Requirements: Poser6 or higher – not testet in DS



*arcebus: Quilty the RuntimeRaiser
Wicked Women 2 - For V4

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