Living Doll for M4 – a merchant resource

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Living Doll for M4
A merchant resource

You are a Poser merchant or an advanced Poser user and you enjoy creating your own characters…

…more than once you where disapointed when using jpg-resources that show artifacts after you altered them and saved them (again)?

Do you need a resource that is easy to alter?

Do you struggle with bump maps?

Do you hate cleaning up seams?

Do you want realism?

Do you own at least Photoshop Elements?

Do you already own Living Doll for V4 and enjoy to use it?

If you said “Yes!” when reading the one or other sentence above than Living Doll for Michael 4 is made for you!!

What you get when buying the Living Doll-resource is a carefully made set of psd-files. They give you the option to create jpgs from this set that are only compressed once: When you save them to the textures-folder that goes with your character.

All additional features are kept on seperate layers with a transparent background. The highly detailed basic parts do not contain lips, brows, veins, navel and so on. You can decide for your preferred set and add it to the base – or give your creation even more personality by adding your own ideas – and this system makes the little tricks like colorshifting a detail or altering it’s saturation easy and fun.

For all parts that look better with a bump map we have created high quality bumps in the same way: The features are kept on seperate layers! The classic “problem parts” like moles, brows, lips and the areola are already hand-edited to show the desired bump effect when used in Poser.

Every part of this resource contains lots of little helpers and extras like veins, different brows and guiding layers to help you when you want to add your own parts like armpits or different lips.



Living Doll for V4 - a merchant resource
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    August 22, 2013

    Thanks might as well make M4 look good too 🙂

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