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Add roofs to buildings and then bomb tiles (LA volume 4).

Build a road network and create earthquakes. Perform pileups of cars, or just blow the cars up. (LA volume 3).

Create disquieting and fantastic environments: fire, fog, paper painted walls falling apart, etc. – ideal for horror scenes (LA volume 5).

A house with different possibilities of destruction (LA volume 6).

Combine all these elements together and create comprehensive and dynamic environments for your images or animation.

Welcome to the breakable world! 316MB of content.

Breaking the Road works with minimal capacity in DAZ Studio. This 3D graphic design set includes 105 textures, bump, specular, displacement, reflection and transparency maps.


Milieux Luminaries
Fantasy Oaks


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    April 26, 2014

    Excellent Share, thanks!! :o)

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