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The first in a series of complementary sets Lisa?s Botanicals ? Raven?s Rest is a seasonal blend of High, Standard and Low resolution objects and textures designed not only to fit perfectly with 3 Raven?s Court by Laurie S, but also to be used alone or in combination with the entire Lisa?s Botanicals product line.
The High-Resolution Oak tree is perfect for detail-focused renders and features your choice of a tree with a scattering of attached leaves representative of late autumn or a version of the tree with no leaves at all and is suitable as the primary focus of your scene.
The Standard-Resolution Autumn Bush, Autumn Coneflower and Long Grass Groupings feature a combination of ?just the right touch? of realism in the plant objects paired with realistically detailed textures and are suitable as secondary focus items or for placement around the subject in your scene.
The Low-Resolution Grass Clumps and Blossomless Daylilies feature simplified objects and smaller realistic textures making these figures perfect to populate background scenery without a large impact on render time.

This product requires: 3 Raven Court

Lisas Botanicals Sunflower
USS Constitution

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