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A beautiful and sexy goth girl for your runtime. Lilah can be naughty or nice, innocent or sinful. Anything your heart desires.

Lilah includes:

1 Custom Head INJ/REM for V4
1 Custom Head INJ/REM for A4
1 Body INJ/REM for V4
1 Body INJ/REM for A4
1 Long Nail INJ/REM
1 Nipple Off Pose
MAT Poses:
1 Default Skin MAT
5 Tattoo MATs
3 Tattoo Off MATs
3 Second Skin MATs
10 Makeup MATs
1 Makeup Off MAT
8 Eye MATs
10 Nail MATs
2 Lash Mats
Mats in Shader and No Shader Version
1 Default Torso Map
1 Torso Bump Map
1 Torso Specular Map
1 Default Face Map with No Makeup
1 Face Bump Map
1 Face Specular Map
1 Default Limb Map
1 Limb Bump Map
1 Limb Specular Map
2 Tattooed Torse Maps
3 Second Skin Torso Maps
1 Second Skin Torso Displacement MAP
3 Tattooed Limb Maps
10 Face Maps with Makeup
6 Nail Maps
8 Eye Maps
1 Eye Bump Map
1 Mouth Map
1 Mouth Bump
2 Lash Transmaps


:CS Tweety Bundle:
Native Costume by Daio-TRIBES

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