Li’l lush lacy meadow

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Here’s a wee Eco-pack from Incredibly Lush that will add realism and beauty to your early summer renders! The li’l Lush Lacy Meadow has three never before seen highly detailed SolidGrowth plants; Queen Anne’s Lace, Ribwort Plantain and Ditch Grass. They all have photo-realistic textures, separate bump files and are scaled to real world sizes. Also included in the pack is a beautiful Lacy Meadow EcoSystem and a separate high resolution bitmap based ground mat. All contents were created by Linda Daireaux and Austin Lenahan. Not available for voucher purchase.

Note: You must have Grassfield plant 1 installed on your system for this EcoSystem to work. This plant is included in Vue 7 Pro Studio/Complete, Vue 7 Infinite ,Vue 7 xStream and in the official Plants Megabundle. It is also available for individual sale at Cornucopia3D.


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