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Scars, scabs, scratches, stitches, bruises, bullet holes, cuts, gashes, and even vampire puncture marks are now instantly available in DAZ Studio.

This Wound Pack for the Layered Image Editor provides a ?one click? way for DAZ Studio users to expand their rendering possibilities. The pack contains 38 injury presets that work on the head, body and limbs of all Generation 4 characters ? male and female. Simply click the chosen wound onto your character and the injury will blend onto the texture. These presets work with Victoria 4, Aiko 4, the Girl 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4, or The FREAK 4 – and with any future G4 bases around the same mesh.

The wounds are high quality, photo-realistic images carefully blended to work with most textures. (Results may be variable with textures at the extreme dark and light ends of the spectrum). They are presented as a series of transparent .PNG files that can also be used in Poser or manually applied to any texture map. The pack includes instructions on how to easily move each injury to a different position on the map from within DAZ Studio.

Required Products
Multi-Layered Image Editor



Eastern Terrace Poses
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