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LIE Wound Makeup Artist is a collection of wound overlays that work with your favorite Genesis, Victoria 4 & 5 and Michael 4 & 5 textures. Add a touch of havoc to your figures with a range of options that include mild skin scratches, bloodied gladiators or bruised, cut fighters. It gives you the ability through DAZ Studio Layered Image Editor (LIE) to customize your wound texture creations to your particular scene, whether it’s a cut on the finger or a brave warrior fighting in the arena. So with this set you have several full body double click solutions, wound preset pose effects and the ability to detail your particular effect controlling your wound placement, transparency and scale through Studio’s LIE down to the minimum detail.

Give your character a scar in the face for a tough look, put a bullet wound in his arm, an open wound in his leg where an enemy arrow has hit, a slash in his chest where a sword has graced or burned skin where dragon fire hit. You control your wounded scene by having the ability to place your wounds in the exact spot where you need it. Bruised lips, whip marks, bloodied teeth, black eyes, scars, scratches, abrasions, several skin bruises, blood options and even full body wound cuts in several stages. Creativity without limits through ready made LIE overlays!

LIE Wound Makeup Artist (.DSI, .DSA)
129 Textures:
33 Wound Styles for face, torso & limb surfaces
37 Hi-Res Wound Textures (4096 x 4096)
59 Standard Resolution Wound Textures (2048 x 2048)
281 LIE Presets (.DSI)
Illustrated Help Document(.PDF)
DAZ Studio Material Presets to Apply all Options (.DSA)


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